The strategic partnership between Di Pardo Law Firm and Guida Law Firm

Guida Law Firm and Di Pardo Law Firm together in Voucher 3I – Investing in Innovation, the incentive for innovative startups, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, which finances the purchase of legal consultancy services for the patentability of inventions.

A free opportunity for the beneficiary start-up, which consists in the issue of vouchers up to € 4,000 to cover the costs for the professional consultancy necessary for verifying the patentability of the invention, carrying out prior art searches, assistance in drafting the patent application and filing it with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.

Guida Law Firm and Di Pardo Law Firm have thus started a professional collaboration aimed at supporting startups, innovation and development.

If you are an innovative start-up, you can take advantage of the integrated activities of the two law firms through the simple use of the Voucher 3I.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information on how to use the voucher click here