Check out our video showing our visit at DOMYNYO’s videogame software house. DOMYNYO and its founder, Giovanni Ursoleo, are creating a high quality battle-royale with an incredible map you can watch in the video.

Why did they need us? Because every game requires a different End-User License Agreement (EULA) to be accepted by users. EULAs are not all the same although they may look like similar. They are essential for the legal protection of the gaming companies. For example, special attention is required to user-generated content (UGC) in blockchain-based video games. This is in order to set the rights of the company and those of the users, also with reference to cross-use in other videogames. If you desire to know more about virtual goods, transactions or tokenization of digital assets please follow our News&Blog section or our pages on main social networks which you can find on this website.

EULA is not important only for UGC but also for:

  • License conditions: generally companies should grant a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-publishing, non-commercial uses, limited license to use the game on devices;
  • Game updates and patches: to have the right to make changes, add features and release different versions avoiding disputes;
  • Limitation of liabilities regarding any possible damages e.g. virus, data lost or improper use;
  • Social Media: to upload gameplays and reviews on platforms such as youtube and twitch (very popular);
  • Regulating the content provided by third-parties when you need in your game to adds resources or services of third parties in order to promote your game or to promote third-parties services or products.

Without proper legal protection a company could run into many unpleasant situations. To develop and publish a videogame requires many effort and many resources. In order to protect the game owners and the gaming companies, no game should be distributed without an appropriate EULA.

Having EULA of quality means being protected from dangers situations such as the unauthorized use of game (the content of the game) and to avoid monetary damages.

We hope you will enjoy the video and feel free to reach out to ask through the social button below or using the contact us page.

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